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Nov 22 '10

Day Twenty-One - Favorite song from your childhood

Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like A Lady

As many of you know and the rest of you will now know, I am the ultimate 80’s baby.  My mom always likes to tell stories of her laying me down for naps with MTV playing in the background.  My favorite t-shirt was a lime green spandex crop-top that read “drive me crazy” (that song was in the running).

As the 80’s were ass-packed with one-hit-wonders, I had tons of faves, but “Dude Looks Like A Lady” reigned supreme.  I used to be convinced that Stephen Tyler was a woman.  Maybe the mentioning of men looking like women confused me.  However, you would think that Stephen Tyler screeching around that a dude looks like a lady meant that he’s not a lady.  Also, if he was a woman, why wasn’t he wearing a shirt and where are his bosoms?  But, whatever, this post is about a song from my childhood and I was a dumb child and didn’t understand things.

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